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ThistleBond emergency repair and general maintenance products were introduced over 40 years ago. ThistleBond products have developed a worldwide reputation with engineers afloat and ashore as effective problem solvers in all kinds of applications, where standard repair methods are not practical or cost-effective.  ThistleBond products are marketed by Unique Polymer Sytems Ltd (UPS) a UK company with an established reputation in the effective and inovative use of Polymers. The ThistleBond products are now a core componant in the extensive range of polymers and products marketed by UPS.

This site introduces ThistleBond, its products and case studies in various industries and situations. It contains links to further informaton on the main Unique Polymer Systems Ltd site. Including technical data sheets, order forms and a complete catalogue of the extensive range of products.


Typical ThistleBond repairs within the Marine industry include:



  • Rebuilding Kort Nozzles
  • Eroded and Corroded Rudders and Propellers
  • Repairing Cavitation Damage & Surface Coating
  • Rebuilding oversized pintles and pintle housings
  • Bonding of pintel sleeves
  • Reinforcing Cargo Tank Hold Decking
  • Rebuilding and protection of propeller shafts
  • Creating irregular shims
  • Reseating / isolating bearing bushes
  • Deck Caulking and sealing deck joints
  • Repairing fenders and floating hoses
  • Application of safety systems
  • Casting of Cutlass Bearings
  1. Emergency pipe repairs
  2. Pipe repair with epoxy bandage
  3. Encapsulation of leaking pipe work
  4. Resurfacing eroded/corroded pump casings
  5. Encapsulation of leaking flange faces
  6. Relining eroded valve casings
  7. Rebuild and resurfacing eroded impellers
  8. Seal leaking tank seams
  9. Lining chemical tanks
  10. Rebuilding worn or damaged shafts
  11. Rebuilding and protecting heat exchanger end plates
  12. Rebuilding  volute and impellers
  13. Rebuilding power blocks
  14. Emergency underwater repairs & bonding underwater

The most advanced resins are used in the manufacture of ThistleBond products and the most rigorous control checks
are carried out to ensure these products meet the most demanding performance criteria.

You have the reassurance that our products are manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001 quality standards. 



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