• Bow Repair

  • Bow Thruster

  • Pipe Coating

  • Pipe Repair Ballast

  • Pump Repair

  • Rudder A Frame

  • UPVC Pipe Joint


Typical ThistleBond Repairs Within



The Marine Industry



Rebuilding Kort Nozzles

Repairing cavitation damage & surface coating

Bonding of pintel sleeves

Rebuilding and protection of propeller shafts

Reseating / isolating bearing bushes

Repairing fenders and floating hoses

Casting of Cutlass bearings

Emergency underwater repairs & bonding underwater

ThistleWrap pipe repair bandage

Resurfacing eroded / corroded pump casings

Seal leaking tank seams

Chemical tank linings

Rebuild and protect heat exchanger end plates

Repair & Reline eroded and corroded rudderes and propellers

Rebuilding oversized pintles and pintle housings

Reinforcing cargo tank hold decking

Creating irregular shims

Deck Caulking and sealing deck joints

Application of safety systems

Rebuilding of power blocks

Emergency pipe repairs

Encapsulation of leaking pipe work

Encapsulation of leaking flange faces

Relining eroded valve casings

Rebuild and resurfacing eroded impellers

Rebuild worn or damaged shafts

Rebuild of volute and impellers