Marine Industry Kits



A carefully selected range of kits


that engineers can use to tackle most on site problems.



We can also build you a bespoke kit specificaly designed for your particular situation.


UPS 11000 A Kit (TRK11000 A Kit) (PLUS MANUAL APP GUIDE) pdficon



UPS Engineers Repair “A” Kit UPS 11000 contains a specially selected range of high performance laminate, adhesive and engineering repair products.




 UPS 13000 Top Kit for A Kit (TRK13000)                                       pdficon



All the products without the box.









UPS 17000 Lifeboat Repair Kit (TRK17000)                                    pdficon


UPS 17000Lifeboat Resin Kit (formerly TRK 17000 )contains high performance, low viscosity, 100% solids materials designed
for use as a resin repair for polyester resin laminated hulls of lifeboats and liferafts.

This kit contains UPS Lifeboat Resin TRK 19001 which consists of a unique blend of epoxy resin combined with polyamino amine adducts, which have been speciically selected to provide the optimum level of penetration, adhesion and overcoatability.

This material is easy to use and because of its adhesion properties it can also be used to effectively repair metals, wood, glass and synthetic materials.

The materials are supplied as a kit contained in special watertight packaging to meet accepted marine industry standards.






UPS 2006 Large Pipe Repair Kit                                                   pdficon

The UPS2006 Large Pipe Repair Kit has been designed to put all products required to repair ANY SIZE PIPE.
The UPS2006 KIT will also PROTECT worn PIPES where the wall thickness has been  compromised. Can be used for OFF SHORE protection to immersed LEGS and support structures.


UPS 19500 Small Pipe Repair Kit (TRK19500) (PLUS MANUAL APP GUIDE)    pdficon



A complete package for repiairng small pipes. The Kit comprises of a selection of UPS Bandages and Stick Grade Epoxy Metal Repair.

The UPS Rapid Repair Bandage needs not to be confused with inferior pipe repair bandages that are designed for a DOMESTIC PIPE LEAK. The UPS bandages are designed for heavy duty industrial and marine applications where integrity is vital.

Ideal for an engineer to carry and use for emergency repair and maintenance, easily replenshed with either stand alone products or one of our refubishing kits.