ThistleBond Ltd

in the Marine Industry


The harsh environment which marine vessels operate in means that they are subject to a wide range of corrosion and erosion problems, which engineers encoutner on a daily basis. Maintenance issues which ThistleBond materials are able to solve.

Using the polyurethane technology we are able to ensure expensive capital equipment can be repaired and protected form further damage. Our products are used extensively within the marine industry and with over 30 worldwide contractors and distributors we are able to provide out marine customer base with ready access to solutions to the many challenges they encounter.  

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Unique Polymer Systems Ltd

in the Power Industry


The power plants market experiences a wide range of corrosion and erosion issues. Whether in Nuclear, Fossil, Hydroelectric or Renewable, Unique Polymer Systems Ltd is able to offer proven solutions for many of the engineering challenges faced. Our Unique range of polyurethane coatings ensure expensive capital equipment or structures can be repaired and protected from further damage. Our products have been used by some of the largest power generating companies and are proven to perform in areas such as fuel handling systems, demineralization units, water and steam systems, power generation units, water condensation systems and power distribution. 

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