Marine Chemical Tanks - products



THISTLEBOND range of polymers offer durable and high performance protection to a wide range of substrates, which suffer chemical attack.   Correctly used it will extend the life of the tank, extend the maintenance free period and subsequently reduce the cost of plant shutdown due to down time.





UPS 402 EP pdficon


UPS 402 EP Epoxy Coating is a high performance solvent free epoxy lining designed for use as a heavy duty chemical resistant coating for concrete and metal surfaces.
The UPS 402 EP Epoxy Coating offers exceptional application and film build enabling high film thickness in a minimum number of coats to product a system with a high degree of resistance to attack by aqueous chemicals and is uitable for the protection of concrete tanks, containment dykes, sewage treatment equipment, concrete channels below ground pipework, tank pad areas, storage pits etc.





UPS 403 UC   pdficon

UPS 403 UC Epoxy Coating is a high performance solvent free coating designed for use where exceptional resistance to chemical attack is required. 

UPS 403 UC Coating is based on a special Phenolic epoxy resin and a polyamine curing agent system which produces a highly cross linked polymer network. This unique system prevents permeation and subsequent attack of the coating by highly aggresive chemicals, allowing the system to be used whenever

superior chemical resistance is required.


UPS 403 UC Epoxy Coating offers excellent adhesion to steel and concrete, has outstanding resistance to a wide range of industrial chemicals even under total immersion conditions and is ideal for tanks, pipework, containment dykes, bund areas, desulphurisation units etc.