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High performance solvent free coating with outstanding adhesion to steel and concrete even under total immersion conditions.

Designed for use where exceptional resistance to chemical attack is required. Ideal for protecting steel and concrete in aggressive environments.



UPS 504 AP pdficon

High build one coat steel protection coating designed for use on manually prepared surfaces. Can be applied by brush, roller or spray and provides long-term protection in one coat.

It is a high solids solvent-borne epoxy coating designed to provide long term corrosion 
protection to the externals of new and existing steel structures even when surface preparation is restricted. The material 
is highly resistant to marine and industrial environments, buried conditions, effluents, salt water, most chemicals and a 
wide range of oils. 

Typical applications. 
Steel structures, marine decks, steel stairways, tank externals

UPS 501 LV  pdficon


High build system suitable for application to manually cleaned steel in adverse conditions. Also suitable for ballast tank coating.

A high performance solvent free high build system designed for use as a corrosion resistant  coating for steel and concrete structures with a minimum of 
surface preparation. 
UPS 501 LV Epoxy Coating utilises a special blend of epoxy resins and a polyamino-amide curing system reinforced with inert pigments and inorganic fillers to produce a coating with good physical properties and corrosion resistance. 
UPS 501 LV Epoxy Coating offers exceptional application and film build properties enabling high film thicknesses in a single coat to produce a system with a high degree of corrosion resistance and is ideal for ballast tanks, bridges, offshore  maintenance etc.

UPS 501 LV Epoxy Coating can be applied to damp steel surfaces and offers a high tolerance to manually prepared  substrates.


High build system suitable for application to manually cleaned steel in adverse conditions. Also suitable for ballast tank coating . This is the SPRAY GRADE version of UPS 501 LV.

 UPS 915 WB

Water borne  Epoxy primer, Available in a large range of colours Widely used throughout the rail industry, passenger transportation and heavy engineering fabrication and cilvil engineering work.