Creating Seals Around Deck Mounted Machinery


Common Defects 

Corrosion due to water penetration between machinery and the deck, causing: 

  • Wasting of mounting bolts 
  • Excessive Vibration due to loss of surface contact 
  • Incorrect load transmission due to loss of surfaces



All work should be carried out in strict accordance with the relevant ThistleBond Technical Data Sheet.


Surface Preparation

Thoroughly wire brush all surfaces to be sealed, to remove all loose coatings and other surface contaminants. Remove any loose oxidation from metal surfaces. Remove all oil and grease from the surface by using UPS TAC 883 Universal Cleaner (TAC883).


Application Techinque 

Place masking tape just within the prepared area, so as to prevent application onto an unprepared surface and to provide a neat finish. Using a soft bristled brush, apply UPS 774 AW Emergency Repair directly onto the prepared surface up to the masking tape. Remove the masking tape after the application. As soon as the first application has become stable, re-apply the masking tape and apply a second layers of UPS 774 AW Emergency Repair, ensuring all pinholes and any areas not wetted out previously are fully covered with this second layer. Before the coating has fully cured, remove the masking tape. Where differential movement is expected the joint areas may be strengthened by the incorporation of a reinforcing tape between the two layers of product.