Rebuilding Oversized Pintles / Pintle



Common Defects

Misalignment due to oversized housing caused by either: Electrolytic corrosion, abrasion or impact damage.


All work should be carried out in strict accordance with the relevant ThistleBond Technical Data Sheet. Product selection and application technique should be made based on the nature of the damage and the amount of time available for the repair. Due consideration must be given to protect the working area from inclement weather conditions in order to comply with the requirements set out in the technical data sheets. Specific consideration should be given to achieving correct alignment and centralisation of the pintle in the oversized housing, this will necessitate the prefabrication of a suitable jig. It is recommended that a new pintle be used, since an old, damaged pintle could be mechanically locked into the housing, making removal very difficult or even impossible.

Surface Preparation

The surface of the new pintle should be washed down with UPS TAC 883 Universal Cleaner to remove all dirt and grease. A coat of UPS TAC 872 Release Agent should then be applied in accordance with the relevant data sheet. Grit blast the entire internal area of the pintle housing using an angular abrasive to give a surface finish of Swedish Std Sa  ensuring a profile of 75 microns minimum. During this process due consideration should be given to the possibility of salt contamination for 24 hours, then re-blasted and re-washed with UPS TAC 883 Universal Cleaner.

Application Technique

Select the appropriate ThistleBond product and apply a thin to the prepared inside surface of the pintle housing, ensuring that the product is pushed into the prepared profile. Apply further material to the surface of the new pintle, which has previously been coated with UPS TAC 872 Release Agent. The pintle should then be jacked into position in the housing and aligned by suitable means. Any excess product extruded during the assembly should be removed prior to it curing. Once the product has set, the pintle may be removed for inspection of the rebuild housing if required of the pintle housing. It is therefore recommended that the substrate is allowed to sweat.




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