Corrosion Damage


Repair To Corroded Kort Nozzles - Turkey




Kort-1 Kort-3 Kort-2


A Ship Repair yard in Turkey approached the ThistleBond Distributor asking for a proven repair system to rebuild and protect a badly corroded area of the ships hull.

ThistleBond recommended the use of UPS 200 EG Ceramic Repair Paste (TR200) and UPS 205 FG Fluid Grade Ceramic (TR205).

The corroded areas were blasted and cleaned using the UPS TAC 883 Universal Cleaner (TAC883). The corroded areas were rebuilt using the UPS 200 EG Ceramic Repair Paste (TR200), once it became touch dry, the repaired area was then coated with UPS 205 FG Fluid Grade Ceramic (TR205).

These products were selected for their excellent mechanical and physical strengths, combined with optimum corrosion and abrasion resistance.