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Are a 'must have' maintenance tool which with time and use can resolve an ever increasing number of the maintenance tasks engineers at sea encounter.

The ultimate strength and performance of these types of repair are very much dependent on the operating conditions and the correct repair procedures being adopted. These types of systems have been marketed and sold for many years and their success, as a maintenance tool is well proven and established. Beware cheap imitations that will not have been produced with the rigorous quality control or the have the performace characteristics of these industrial epoxys.


Thistlebond supply a range of Kits for specific puroses, These are ideal for service engineers to tackle a specific problem as each lit contains a range of products that can tackle the job in situ.

We can also supply bespoke kits for your company, tailored for your particular needs needs or for a specific problem.

Thistlebond. Ltd products are all 'engineering grade polymers', produced to the highest possible standards, beware imitations that may well not meet our exacting specifications. 


All our products are supplies with Material Safety Data Sheets, extra copies available on request.


 UPS 11000 A Kit (TRK11000 A Kit) (PLUS MANUAL APP GUIDE)

UPS Engineers Repair “A” Kit UPS 11000 contains a specially selected range of high performance laminate, adhesive and engineering repair products.

UPS 13000 Top Kit for A Kit (TRK13000)      All the products without the box.
UPS 17000 Lifeboat Repair Kit (TRK17000)
UPS 17000Lifeboat Resin Kit (formerly TRK 17000 )contains high performance, low viscosity, 100% solids materials designed 
for use as a resin repair for polyester resin laminated hulls of lifeboats and liferafts. 

This kit contains UPS Lifeboat Resin TRK 19001 which consists of a unique blend of epoxy resin combined with polyamino amine adducts, which have been speciically selected to provide the optimum level of penetration, adhesion and overcoatability. 
The UPS2006 Large Pipe Repair Kit has been designed to put all products required to repair ANY SIZE PIPE. 
The UPS2006 KIT will also PROTECT worn PIPES where the wall thickness has been  compromised. Can be used for OFF SHORE protection to immersed LEGS and support structures.

A complete package for repiairng small pipes. The Kit comprises of a selection of UPS Bandages and Stick Grade Epoxy Metal Repair.

The UPS Rapid Repair Bandage needs not to be confused with inferior pipe repair bandages that are designed for a DOMESTIC PIPE LEAK. The UPS bandages are designed for heavy duty industrial and marine applications where integrity is vital.

Ideal for an engineer to carry and use for emergency repair and maintenance, easily replenshed with either stand alone products or one of our refubishing kits.



 UPS 19000 RH Standard Resin & Hardener (Formally TRK 19000)

Supplied in 10 unit resin packs that are all pre-measured in correct proportions for subsequent mixing. Each individual unit contains one container of hardener and one container of resin. The resin container is designed to facilitate its use as a mixing container for both resin and hardener.


UPS 19002/3 A&B Cement

Specially developed epoxide repair compounds supplied in two separate packs marked A and B. when mixed together in equal portions by volume the cement will cure to an extremely strong mass with a better adhesive / laminate bond that one produced with the UPS 19000 RH Standard Resin Hardener.


UPS 19007 / 9/ 11 GT Glass Tape

Specially treated glass fibre fabric that ensures UPS 19000 RH will fully permeate the fabric and give the resultant glass fibre resin laminate repair excellent mechanical properties.


UPS 19030 Contour Cloth

A resin reinforced fabric that can be contoured to the surface of a pipe.


UPS 19020 Glass Mat

A fabric consisting of a random weave of glass fibres that will absorb a considerable quantity if mixed resin which, when cured, will produce a mechanically strong mass.


UPS 19031 Linen Scrim

An open weave linen fabric used as a backing for
the glass mat to make it easier to handle when being applied to a repair. Linen scrim becomes an integral part of the completed repair. 



Applied to the outside of a repair after the application of UPS 19031 Linen Scrim – Its purpose is to obtain the mixed resin repair until it has cured.


UPS 19043 Sealer Filler

Special non-asbestos filler in powder form for addition to the resin mix after the initial mixing has taken place. The resultant sealer filler mix has two very useful properties. The mix is very thixotropic and can therefore be applied to vertical areas. The mix can be applied to operate at temperatures up to 180°C (356°F). When it is applied a pre-coat, prior to carrying out a repair, it will help to insulate the resin laminate form the operating temperature of the parent body repair.


UPS 19042 Fairing Compound

A second filler consisting of glass fibre strands for addition to the resin mix after the initial mixing has taken place and can be used in a similar way to the Sealer Filler.


Unique Accessories 


Barrier Cream 

Resin Removing Cream 

Stirring Tools

Plastic Coated Paper

Brushes Plastic Coated Paper

Instruction Booklet

Trowelling Tool